• What I’ve come to learn about recruitment are WORTHwhile points of reflection 
      By Zofia Sharman 
      20 April 2015

      worthwhilerecruitmentAs a Recruiter, over the years I’ve got to see and learn so much from the people I meet, exchange with, interview or place in a job. What I’ve come to learn about Recruitment is that it can embody a great level of self-development which makes my job so much more interesting and meaningful far beyond the surface quest in meeting/interviewing with yes or no questions we ask, relish, even at times agitate over such as: a) ‘can this person do my job’, or b) ‘are they placeable’ and c) ‘will this mean I hit my target/get my bonus’. Of course these questions are important in the job of agency recruitment, because we’re in sales and ultimately here to make money, or as TA’s successfully filling our stakeholder’s position to deliver the required business objective(s). However, beyond the usual interview questions, do we ever find that the situations our people/candidates are in, and prompting their decision to move on from a job or role, are also what we can relate to for ourselves, either at the time or at some stage in the past? Too deep maybe for this time of day ha ha, but seriously, when we interview people and there’s a succession of similar and not just RFL’s, but REAL RFL’s (reasons for leaving) is this not something worth noting for ourselves?

      For instance one common observation I’ve been noting is just how much a person’s worth or currency is held in the jobs market. Or that their career/profession can be heavily influenced or based on things like:

      • ‘Life’s misfortune’ (or success) – whatever happened in the past
      • Parents, partners, wives or husbands ideals and beliefs
      • The professions or job of in-laws and their notoriety/standing
      • Background, nationality, gender, age
      • School, university – the degree awarded, prestige of institution, the actual level of education achieved
      • Job title and amount of money we make

      And the list continues…

      Top jobs, schools, work, employers are all great to attend, join or have but they do not, as so often is thought, agonised or triumphed over - either in, or outside the realm of job interviews, make us who we are in this world, or generate an unshakeable real worth or value.

      When we do it – i.e. make ‘worth’ about outside external factors – that can change at any time, it becomes all too easy to wind up feeling second best, or consider the career, profession or job we do as being second tier or second rate, which can lead to a puffing up or arrogance, striving ‘to do’ or ‘obtain’ (more), overcompensating and just generally working exhausting because of feeling worth less, as opposed to feeling full and worth it. And all this load is lived or carried within the body, like a backpack, and invisibly taken along to job interviews, being communicated on a silent level that’s often felt. Hmm, wonder why the candidate didn’t get the job when they had all the skills needed…?! 

      Always at the beck and call of outside factors, which we know can change at a moment’s notice, through for instance, a change or loss of job, post or position only opens up the portal of… dread, horror, shock - control and being owned (!) In my recruiting experience what I’ve come to learn is that it’s far better to own oneself than being owned, by knowing who we are inside-out to build real inner worth, and besides, with less of the tangled tension of ownership, it opens and frees up the space for great meetings, interviews…and even placements.


      Zofia Sharman is forever inspired by people and truth, and is based in Singapore working as a Recruiter for HR at VOLT, an international recruitment consultancy that supports people to secure jobs and careers they love. It’s that simple. For more information see voltasia.com.sg